Thanks for reaching out!

We're really sorry for the delay here is a bit of insight into what the status is :)

Games Workshop have two statuses for unavailable products, OOS (Out of Stock but 'might' be coming back in) and (NLA No Longer Available)

The product in your cart box is still listed as OOS so the team have delayed reaching out to you just in case they are able to get a hold of it and can fulfill the order in full.

I'm really sorry as it doesn't give you much more certainty and there is always a good chance it will go NLA - this is an issue we face a lot with Games Workshop and its frustrating for both us and our customers as we want to give rapid and accurate information at all times, but its often difficult to get that information from them so we can give a firm answer.

We will be pushing to get stock allocated to us again every Monday morning, would you like to wait and reach out to us on Monday - if it goes NLA our team will be in touch directly though to get everything sorted.